Local, Professional Pest Control Services

Local, Professional Pest Control Services

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Owner Operated Pest Control was founded by Erik J. Nadolink to fulfill the need for a higher level of customer service in the pest control industry. “O.O.P.C.” uses only the most effective, low dose products-applied in an environmentally responsible fashion. Nearly all pest control services are offered with a warranty- if you still see pests they will promptly return for free to resolve the issue.

With over 12 years in the industry, Erik is happy to customize a pest control treatment plan according to the house, pest issue and unique concerns of the homeowner including insect treatments with no interior spraying required. “The demand for natural and eco-friendly pest control is constantly growing, and we recognize this important shift in our industry,” says Mr. Nadolink. As a result, Owner Operated Pest Control offers the Alpine Product line, which was granted reduced risk status by the Environmental Protection Agency. They also employ rodent bait stations composed of recycled plastic, and most products are made in the U.S.A.

For reliable pest control in Massachusetts from a local company that you can trust, contact Erik at Owner Operated Pest Control: 508-963-1294