Month: March 2016

Mosquito and Tick Control in MA

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How to Control Mosquitoes and Ticks in MA

You may have noticed all of recent headlines regarding the Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, EEE and countless other mosquito and tick borne illnesses. You’ve burned all of your citronella candles and might feel helpless against these blood sucking insects. Is there any effective way to control Mosquitoes and Ticks? The answer is yes. Actually, there are a few ways that, when combined, can prove highly effective in minimizing the risk of ticks and mosquitoes in your yard.

Is your backyard a breeding ground? Mosquitoes and Ticks prefer wooded, shaded areas of the yard to avoid dehydration. Mosquitoes require these moist habitats to breed, and they don’t need a pond or lake. An old watering can, stagnant bird baths and clogged gutters (as well as old tires, etc.) are all suitable breeding grounds. The first step in controlling Mosquitoes is to address these issues, or other control measures will fail.

Ticks have fewer moisture requirements but prefer tall grass/thick shrubbery, stone walls, un-raked leaf litter and brush piles. Keeping grass mowed will make your yard less inviting to ticks. Controlling rodent populations is also an important factor to consider as mice provide a necessary meal for developing ticks.

Finally, shrubs, shaded areas, and the perimeter of the yard can be treated using a combination of an Adulticide and a Growth Regulator to address all stages of tick development. A Blower-Mister is the most efficient means of treating these sites as it can penetrate dense foliage and provide consistent coverage. A granular application to your lawn will not yield the same results.

The final aspect of avoiding Tick and Mosquito Borne illnesses is AWARENESS. Use caution when traversing into thick woods or tall grass. Check your pants carefully after working outdoors. Apply a repellent to discourage mosquitoes, or better yet- cover up in long sleeves, pants and a hat.

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