Eco-Friendly Mouse Control

Eco-Friendly Mouse Control

“Controlling Mice may seem a simple task…until your home is invaded by a litter of a dozen wily mice and those old fashioned  traps just don’t catch your crafty, “fecal-spreading” house companions. Those electronic repellents aren’t working, and your friends enjoy bowling with acorns at late hours of the night.”

Most of the rodenticides available to consumers contain multi-feed poisons; simply meaning a mouse must eat a heaping amount on several occasions in order to obtain a lethal dosage. That is…if only the mouse would eat it in the first place! While mice aren’t the pickiest of eaters,  your hunk of poison-infused wax may not be very enticing. And that packaging probably isn’t very pet safe so- watch where you put that tray of pellets before Fido snacks on them. (We employ Tamper Resistant, locking Stations made in the U.S.A.)

Call a professional. They have access to more effective (and environmentally conscious) products that the general public can’t purchase and they have to follow strict E.P.A. Guidelines when treating your home. (PEST CONTROL STAR uses a new Exterior Bait that minimizes secondary poisoning to birds and other non-target predators.) Most importantly, they have experience in mouse habits and finding the most effective solutions to provide faster, lasting results (including “Excluder Fabric” to keep pests out for good!).

Call 508-963-1294 or submit an inquiry today.

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